Data Center

Power Cooling Technology

We have an enterprise class data center with everything you need to compete in today’s business world. Businesses need reliability and redundancy so they do not have to worry about possible power or internet outages. We invest in the latest technology so all you have to do is take care of what you do best.

  • Redundant cooling design by Liebert that guarantees your servers have the air supply they need. If one unit fails the system automatically switches units and notifies a tech.
  • Main line of defense against outage is an internal diesel generator operating at 350 amps. Within minutes of the APC battery activation, the generator is activated. The entire unit is inside and away from vandalism and the weather. The combination of our APC Symmetra and generator give essentially unlimited power capacity.
  • Bullet-Proof Protection From Transients to give reliable clean power. These high-energy surge protection products are placed in parallel with panels that are susceptible to both externally and internally generated transients.
  • Multiple internet feeds for flexibility and reliability.
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